About SUNKIST 13

Sunkist13 Construction help you realize the dream of new home ownership through contracting your own home:

• Building to Lock-Up -Turnkey
(We build the structure to finish)

• Consultation & Project Management.
(We assist you with your project)

Sunkist13 Construction specializes in building houses to turnkey. This means that we do the excavation, provide the foundation, frame the house (including walls, floor and roof systems) and install the windows and doors. In a tight construction market these are the jobs that are often hardest to get done.

By having Sunkist13 Construction do the ‘heavy lifting’ all of the most difficult aspects of new home construction are completed for you. Our background, experience and existing supplier relationships will give your project the quality and value necessary to ensure that your new home gets built right, and on time.

The Benefits of having Sunkist13 Construction build your home to the Lock-Up Stage

Sunkist13 Construction provides a number of benefits for our turnkey customers. Consider the following questions as you decide how to complete your new home project.

  • Peace of Mind
  • Time Savings
  • Knowledge and Experience
  • Avoiding Delays and disappointments
  • Simplicity and Convenience
  • Deal with a Professional